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Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký


Link đăng ký tài khoản Wefinex Free: https://wefinex.net/reg?r=10A0297 ▶ Kết bạn và inbox với Facebook Nguyễn Xuân Tú để được thêm vào group đọc lệnh: https://www.facebook.com/nguyenxuantu68 ▶ Tham gia Group Telegram đọc lệnh: https://t.me/joinchat/L2pqaB22bxH-EFv... Wefinex là 1 sản phẩm sàn giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân trong hệ sinh thái kinh doanh đỉnh cao của Winsbank ------------------------------------------------- 📒KẾT NỐI VỚI CHÚNG TÔI: ▶Liên hệ Hotline: 0327191269 (Zalo, Call)

Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký


Chris Ng: Hi, you have any better way to buy and sell bitcoins now? preferably with app and i can buy and sell instantly (except luno)

Joseph Kong sing chiong: Awesome

Pui Yong Zheng: Hi bro, can I use the coinhako app to sell my btc in Malaysia ?

Jam Es: Hi shawn. Cant deposit in binance cuz all suspended

Tiger Sot: Shawn can you answer these questions. 1. What is the link for binance referral 'yours' ,I wanna register 2. Can those 2 sites earn Bitcoin ? Or you have to find a way to send it so you can sell or buy BTC there 3. Can coinbase send BTC to both sites?

Alze Hashim: Anyone to sell their bitcoin? I need $Usd100... Please pm me..(±6582876834) thanks

Cheok CG: Hey there shawn.i hope you notice my msg,its about Luno. I been observing Luno for many months since they started to disable bank deposit .Now they keep putting the same update about "We’re still in talks with various banking partners to ensure you can deposit money into your Luno wallet as soon as possible" like every 2weeks to 1 month ,same update for 9 months already just to procrastinate so they can do their fishy stuff. And here is the reason why they do this,they are listing BTC & ETH in MYR alot lower than the market price,if i recalled right before they disable deposit ,the BTC & ETH price in MYR used to match the USD rate.They only allow we malaysian to (deposit crypto) &(withdraw cash) so they can make tons of profit out of us malaysian.The BTC & ETH price in Luno are so cheap right now but you cant deposit cash to buy them ,only can sell crypto to them with that cheap price. Thanks for reading,i really hope that no malaysian are falling for that,would be nice if you can spread the msg to prevent this Luno scam.

TUTCHA PHOOCHAROEN: Can open account for buy bitcoin now?

Md sany adnan: Can use my friends bank accounts..

Expat30: Shawn do I use withdraw to transfer my bitcoin from remitano to binance? I bought from remitano and had it to my remitano wallet now I want to put to my binance, how do I do that?

Max Lee: Hi Shawn good info, you know how to buy alt coin directly not through bitcoin in binance?

Harry Perrine: Congrats to all those that benefited from this week's trade..... This is another opportunity for those people left to participate in Bitcoin trading..... Parwinder is ready to help 10 more people learn how to make $200 PER DAY using BITCOIN. PASSIVE INCOME. Say 'YES' for details only serious members

Yohooo: Remitano is shit. It's soooo damn expensive, charging more than 20%. Use kraken!

SHAIKH ABRAR: Hi.I am Shaikh from Infinitum Flame PIONEER of Asia pacific have the solution to transfer bitcoin from wallet to Infinitum Master Card.Contact me for more information 013-4394654.Thanks

iodhe wawhe: Hi shawn, im newbie.. but i already bought btc its inside remitano wallet, how do i transfer it to binance ? Secondly, how do i cash out from remitano ? i mean once people sell, immediately they have the cash inside remitano account or what ?

Madrot Smith: can we receive btc from faucedhub and sent it to remitano?

Nikkie luxury hair: Hello Shawn, please can I trade on remitano without verification

P Q: Remitano with the stupid & Privacy intrusion verification process... similar to Practice by Loan sharks & the practice by the police on convicts! Photo of ID document t Photo of ID documents in front of your face: :then Insurance Certificate & Employee's Card photo? Absurd!! Hey!! we just want to buy bitcoins!

P Q: Cara Pengesahan identiti Remitano terlalu remeh dan menceroboh Privacy. Dah bagi gambar IC dan gambar IC di depan muka... tak cukup lagi... nak certificate Insurance... nak gambar kad pekerja... kurang asam ! kita bukan nak pinjam duit dari Ah Long atau jadi banduan!! Kita nak beli bitcoin saja! Jom... Boycott Remitano!!

Adam Thinakaran: thank you for the video shawn

Kelvin Chng: will i receive 0.01 bitcoin if i buy 0.01 bitcoin if i want them to send to my binance bitcoin account?? any fees will deduct from the purchase of bitcoin i made for it to reach into my wallet?

Isa ak PadaPetra: Remitano such as a online market to buy n sell our bitcoin... It is save? I need more info regarding this but I never registered yet.. Hey Shawn,..are u still in Malaysia too? Meanwhile I need person to guide me more about this.. I just have blockchain wallet n luno only then I am already generate bitcoin using BTCProMiner n BitMiner n coming to purchase in sun mining n genesis mining... So, this is my hp number 01110396754 giving to other to sharing any new such as these things... Tq guy..

michael cham: Bro is it ok if i use it to save and mine my bitcoin ??

AR MS: Hi Shawn. We can always check immediately whether remitano escrow account has released the bitcoin we have just bought to the blockchain. Just copy and paste your wallet address to the blockchain. It will appear immediately in the blockchain but only after 3 confirmations by the miners in blockchain then only will be reflected im your wallet address in Binance.

Edmund Cham: hi shawn, have you tried purchasing small amounts of btc using remitano? do you receive exactly the same amount of btc u ask for after purchasing? or will they deduct any fees?

Han Kun Lua: Hi Shawn my email is [email protected] . I try to open an account with Binance but they are overloaded now.What should i do. What about coinbase .Thanks

Han Kun Lua: Hi shawn,i am new in crypto trading but so keen to learn about crypto. Can you tell me what should i do and how to go about to open an bitcoin account in Malaysia. Thanks

MyRotor79: good info...thank..

MrNitronovi: Hi Shawn..im using your referral link to register in remitano :-)

Lim Way Yeow: Hi shawn, how do I transfer the btc/eth from binance remitano back? Do remitano has it own eth address?

lgbt les1: hi ,, isit this 2 ways can BTC / ETH to Ringgit too ?

spenceryoh: What is the difference if we deposit BTC or ETH from remitano for the transaction fees?

Lim Way Yeow: How do i check my btc/eth once I have done my trading? Is it on binance or remitano account?

Lim Way Yeow: Do i need to verify my account before I buy btc/eth from others like the way you said?

Daniel Choong: Hi Shawn , do you need to set up verification like IC and so forth to trade on Remitano ? thanks

imaduddin hisyam: here to register binance account. have a nice day ://www.binance.com/?ref=16856720

Lim Way Yeow: Cannot register binance currently. What can I do? Just wait for it?

endless sia: hi shawn, may i know do you have any issues on using remitano services? i put some of my eth into remitano wallet, but i can't get any respond on sms verification, and when im trying to withdraw my eth it show "contract address is not allowed"....and their site and fb page like totally no respond when im asking them all the question...

Khairis jeh: Niceee

Lexus Yeap: Hi Shawn do u try to cash out from remitano before, can you do a video which prove that remitano website is a real deal, real work, thx you

hazim johan: hi shawn.. what about binance eth adress? same process?

ADALEv ME: Can I have u whatsapp

ADALEv ME: After buying from binance , may I know how do I keep in wallet ? What wallet can I get ? Pls suggest . Can I get u Whatsapp ? Tq

Alif Ashraf: Hi shawn..sorry in newbie.. why we need binance while what i understood is buy and sell can be done via remitano itself

ADALEv ME: Do u know how to buy from local Bitcoin and how it work to binance

Perjalanaz GBK: Hi there shawn! I would really like you to talk about those altcoins. Which is the hottest for now

Alan Tay: hi Shawn,can u provide a link to binance and remitano for sign up?Thank.

Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký

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