Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký



Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký


latigo66: YOLO? Can someone enlighten me.

James Guest: Learn so much from you sir. New at this, could anyone tell me when they think I will be able too buy eos10 directly from eos10?

Atze Lou: Your logic wrt the btc mining operation costs makes sense (when assuming market manipulation and accumulation by whales) But what are the explanatory variables of the bitcoin mining operation costs? Or where to learn more about this price mechanism? Cheers & thanks in advance!

bepica: no more 1.5x speed, keep going Dan

marius mario: Dan have you listened to yourself on the 1.5x lately ? hahahahaa

Three Hares Media: Love, love, love.

Eddie Luchford: :// Best site for buying/trading coins is definitely Binance, you don't need to submit documents to trade up to 2BTC so can buy instantly. It is the best exchange in the world and biggest in terms of volume per day so your money is as safe as it can be. If you sign up using that link you can also get 50% off trading fees.

epicpurevids: Learn TA.

Peter Pan: nice stuff man

CapitalCryptoCurrencies: can you do a video on the Greymass EOS-Vote desktop wallet? I loved it! Very easy to use. Reminded me of Exodus. ***VOTE FOR TEAM GREYMASS***

Hope for all: Hey Dan

Matt In NJ: Felt rekt, until I realized I have more BTC and coins then ever since I haven’t sold. If u do ‘t sell, you don’t lose

surfinab: These huge controlled miner pools will always be profitable and we need not to worry about them shutting down their rigs. How does anyone really truly know the cost of mining bitcoin? When someone claims it costs 6k to mine bitcoin, is this a worldwide average, US average, personal rig average? Why would these whale miners ever tell anyone their true overhead and cost of mining? If anything, they would lie and inflate their machinery costs and electrically overhead to make their mined bitcoin seem like its worth more. IMO, if miners are saying it costs 6k to mine a bitcoin, then it really costs 3k to mine. Keep up the killer content Dan. Tight work.

Tristan F. Johnson: Which wallet/voting software are you using or recommend?

EOSIO GLOBAL: we need to know which block candidates are using private dedicated servers (which is best) as opposed to public cloud servers that can be centralized and subject to being manipulated or shut down ps ehtereum can scale a million tps and still not succeed masses will not use a platform that requires gas/fees period

Shad Colebroke: what do you mean by 'zen move'?

o Beef: Every month of downside is a buying opportunity with leftovers from paycheck.

nbtx78130: You’re tiny bro

Clayton James: Can over the counter be regulated or stopped? Probably not. Going to be a big problem until whales have less power to manipulate market. Need masses to get in and marketcap being into the trillions.

Dj Marky MGTOW: holla at ya dan good video, the market can fly up as quickly as it can drop we have seen it lots of times before.

Virtualhawk: Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning

Norm Bolduc: As I'm writing this, the market is tanking while the best coins are currently falling the hardest. Whales wanting them at cheap prices.

Shlomo Shekelstein: Bestest Dan. Hope you never be a paid shill like many. I hope you stay like that. Your epic jingle, your enthusiasm, etc. You are an OG. I bet many have contacted you, being an "influencer". Many did and sold off bad. Many became fart-inhalers. Please stay like that. You have a currency. Called credibility. Extreme credibility. I learnt so much from your videos. Salute sir.

Shlomo Shekelstein: One professional fart-inhalers feeling was hurt by Dan's hard red pill truth.

Ripsaw: you sound like a Mexican

Charles Fuchs: The markets are dipping fast right now... lots of good gems out there :)

Bitcoin Overdose: is it just me or did Dan become a lot better at speaking over the last couple months? 1.5x is way too fast nowwwww

No Problem: I am feeling like shit! I feel like that because I know long term it will be fine, but unfortunately, due to unpredicted life events I desperately need money! I will be forced to sell at a loss so I can battle this problem I have. The thing that hurts me the most is that I have hodled all the way through this correction and did not sell. But now it brakes my heart that I have to sell as I know as soon as I do it will turn around. I will just kill myself at that point.

Polopunk: “Who are you to be some fluffy pony to not risk anything” 😂😂😂😂 damn I want that on a T-shirt

Lucas Groot: Maybe it is bitconnect.

MARCEL'S CAR SHOW: Thanks you for the video!!! Looking forward to it all morning! Thanks !

Jamal Stephenson: Markets on fire, holding heavy bags, uneasy laughs all around... yet very optimist! Thanks always being constant with the info and dope perspective in these troubling times. Like you said "always out there grinding"

Lucas Groot: Crypto is dead ppl.

Polopunk: Good morning ☀️

Steven Oustecky: I’m pumped for REN, which is a decentralized dark OTC

Mark Brbot: 1st

Đăng ký Remitano miễn phí Đăng ký

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